Chicago-based JMB Realty Corporation wants to build a 37-story office complex in Century City that would be OVER TWO AND A HALF TIMES THE DENSITY allowed under the Century City Specific Plan. I support Save the Westside’s efforts to save the Century City Specific Plan and make JMB right-size their office complex. More than 2,000 Westsiders have already signed on!

Will you sign?


Save the Westside has spent the last year informing our Westside neighbors about JMB's attempts to use special exemptions to build a massive office complex that is two and a half times the allowed density- and now we've just learned that it will create even more traffic than anyone imagined! Sign our petition and ask Councilmember Koretz to protect us from overdevelopment.

Earlier this month JMB released a Draft Environmental Impact Report for their newest development scheme at the corner of Avenue of the Stars and Constellation. While the previously approved JMB residential building is physically "larger" than their now-proposed office building, their new proposed office complex will result in over 1,000,000 additional car trips annually! It is simply a fact that office buildings generate more traffic than condominiums.

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The Century City North Specific Plan is clear: Every property in Century City is allocated a certain number of “traffic trips.” These trips have always been limited by the City to control traffic and density in Century City.

Over the past 25 years, Chicago-based developer JMB transferred over 50% of the traffic trips assigned to their proposed Century City Center project to build two other massive skyscrapers in Century City – almost enough trips to build their new Century City Center project.

Now, JMB wants the City to give them a special exemption that changes how the City counts their remaining traffic trips – creating new traffic and density at the expense of people who live and work on the Westside. JMB should not be allowed to “double-dip” and get back all of the trips they've already used when they built their two other Century City towers.trip_switch.jpg

Let Councilman Paul Koretz know that you don’t support JMB’s double-dipping scheme. Why should they be able to receive a special exemption from the City to replace traffic trips that they've already used?

Call: City Hall Office: (213) 473-7005

West L.A. Office: (310) 289-0353


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